Through their eyes: A former intern’s perspective

12 05 2010

When I first registered for Prime Movers I was not sure what to expect. I had never worked with high school students before and was more than a little nervous starting off. As a student myself I did not know how the students would react towards me. Once I got into the classroom setting and got to know everyone around me, my nervousness disappeared. Everyone was so welcoming and I felt as though they really wanted my help and were really happy I was there. In the end, this turned out to be one of the best experiences of my college career. I interned at the Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School. I had the opportunity to watch these students grow academically over the semester.
My primary responsibilities were to help the students with their media assignments. We worked on everything from personal statements on camera to producing full commercials. My own favorite project was the commercials the students produced in the middle of the semester. From coming up with a product to sell to editing the final commercial together, it was so rewarding to see the students faces when they watched the final product. But more then just helping them with their work, I enjoyed talking to them and answering their questions about college. I really felt like I got to connect with them on a level I had never connected to students before.While I had assumed I would teach them something, I didn’t realize that by getting to know these students, I would learn something about myself. I learned what a great feeling it was to witness someone as they succeed in what they set their minds to do. I also realized how much I loved being in a classroom as a teacher and a student. I had the opportunity to watch these students grow academically throughout the semester and got the opportunity to help them with their work. It was such a rewarding experience for me to watch the students feel proud of their work.I had such a great experience with Prime Movers and wish I could do it another semester, but now it’s on to graduation. I loved the school I worked at and am thankful for the impact each of the people there made on me. Prime Movers really is a great program and I am lucky to attend a school that offers opportunities like this one. The fact that GW offers such a program shows what a special institution it truly is. I am really grateful to everyone in this room who has made this program possible and for giving me the chance to create life long memories.



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