Blowout on the Hardwood

12 05 2010
Below is a great story written by aspiring sports writer Lawrence Dozier. Lawrence is an Anacostia High School student who started playing basketball at Hine Junior High when he was 15. The Hine coach, Ms. Fishman, noticed that Lawrence was 6’2″ and thought he had potential. She was right. He was first string center at Hine, second string center at Ballou, and is now second string center at Anacostia. Lawrence, who is now 6’8″, has traveled with his teams to Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina. After he finishes his basketball career, he aspires to be a sportswriter.

Blowout on the Hardwood

by Lawrence Dozier of Anacostia High School

The team starting five were William, Mike, Jay, Josh, and me. Josh scored the first five points. When the other team dunked on Mike, that’s when everything changed. They thought they were going to do it again, but I blocked it at the other end of the court. William picked the ball up and passed it to me and I slam dunked with two hands.

By the second quarter the other team was tired and we just kept scoring back to back. The person who was checking me fouled out. The other team had to put a short guy on me and they did not score any more the second quarter. At half time the score was 50 to 30.

After half time we ran the score board up even higher. They did not know we could play like that. Jay dunked on two people at one time. We stole the ball back and Mike threw the alley-hoop from the free-throw line. I saw the ball go up and ran up to dunk on the tallest person they had on their team. He fell to the ground. By the end of the third quarter the score was our 100 to their 60 points.

Then they started to come back and I got my first foul of the game. The other team made both free throws. Josh shot a three pointer and missed it, but then William got the ball, shot a three pointer and made it. In this quarter everybody played their hardest to win the ball game. At the two minute mark everyone on our team got a one handed dunk, first William, then Mike, then Jay, then Josh, then me. At the end of the game the score was 135 to 95. We won the game by 40 points.




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