Roosevelt journalism student reflects…….

12 05 2010

Check out the reflection from one of our students at Roosevelt High!

Student Reflection- Mass Media 1/ Prime Movers Media

When I first came into Mass Media class, I didn’t know what to expect. The first thing that came to my mind was “as long as the teachers isn’t a crazy wack job, then I can pass this class.” I started off in Ms. Quick’s first period class and we had a talk about me sitting in the back of the class. Then the second week I was put in Mass Media 1 fourth period. In this class we worked with interns and professional journalists from the Prime Movers Media program at GWU. There I met the people who have changed my learning experience to where I like coming to class.

After a while I learned some very cool things. I have never been so excited about a class since elementary school. We, as a class, went over what our “inner G” was and how we use it. We have learned how to use technical materials such as a video camera, tripod, and computer software. I learned what a Rule of Thirds was and I also learned the different shots compositions to be taken during video recording. I typed, controlled and read a prompt and I even did a morning announcement.

The amount of people in our class surprised me and it turns out that I do work better with fewer people in the classroom. The class was not stressful in any way and I felt at ease as if though I was doing something I liked. The structure of the class was very appropriate and me and my classmates were so nice and fun to be around. With very few people in the class I was able to rise to the top and show that I can do my best.

I didn’t like when we had those pop quizzes in the beginning of the year. First off, I have a very bad memory. Second, I don’t work well under pressure. Also, when I actually tried, I only ended out with a “D” or “C” pop quiz grade. I didn’t like to walk all the way around the school to get to my fourth period class either. Oh, and I had a problem with the students in the beginning as well. But later on I got over it and just became friends.

Some things I will take into another class would be shot composition and screening. I would love to go into another Mass Media or journalism class when I got to college because it would probably be a fun experience. The concepts that I have learned in this class about speech and delivery and teen health will go a long way with me in life. Since I am a teen I can use the skills I have learned to protect myself from harm and to make sure I don’t harm others.

This quarter we took a trip to the campus of The George Washington University through Prime Movers. The campus grounds were somewhat hard to differentiate from the rest of the cityscape which makes it kind of special I think and cool at the same time. The school learning environment looked just like what I thought that a college would look like. It looked serious and very technical, not to mention ridiculously clean and the students looked very content with themselves. The reason we were there was to take a tour of the school and see the production studio and crew available through our partners, Prime Movers Media.

Finally the thing that I feel is going to be the most important memory in my life is the teamwork that is needed to run this profession. The reason that I say this is because most of the experiences that I’ve gone through have almost always needed help in some way. I came to this class with minimum camera experience, no speaking expertise, and zero interest in public speaking. Now that I have gone through this course, I feel a lot more knowledgeable about not only myself, but also about speaking professionally in front of the camera or audience.




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