Thoughts from the Journalism Education Association convention

12 05 2010

Several Prime Movers Media students received scholarships to attend the 2009 Journalism Education Association convention compliments of a the Prime Movers Media program and a grant provided by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation! George Washington University student intern Andrea Vittorio also attended the conference and interviewed a few Prime Movers Media students after the convention to get their reactions! Check out the students responses below!

1) What did you think of the convention?

M. Ross: “It was very informative. I learned a lot at the convention.”

B. Hernandez: “Well, the convention was wow! Speechless. I had a great time, you know, it was a good life experience! I wish I could do it again.”

A. Miller: “It was nice. It had a lot of different stuff. I liked it.”

2) What sessions did you attend?

M. Ross: “The CNN…I can’t remember the guy’s name, but he was talking about the importance of journalism and how he felt it was good that many kids were attending the convention.”

B. Hernandez: “Photography, politics”

A. Miller: “A First Amendment one where they were debating different sides of the story. It was also a dance presentation.”

3) Which session was your favorite?

M. Ross: “It would probably have to be…the one where we experimented with like the rights of students. We did a exercise where we debated whether or not this kid had the right to wear a Coca Cola shirt where a commercial was being shot for the school where everyone was supposed to wear Pepsi shirts. And the kid, you know, disobeyed rules and wore a Coke shirt and the debate was about that.”

B. Hernandez: “Photography… because he just broke it down. He had some good shots and pretty much told us that whenever we take a picture, you have to take it from every angle.”

A. Miller: “The dancing!”

4) What was your favorite part of the whole convention?

M. Ross: “Probably the assembly. We got to see you know a performance by this dance group and it was a open panel—we got to ask questions.”

B. Hernandez: “My favorite part of the whole convention is just that I got to meet a lot of new people and I learned new things.”

A. Miller: “My favorite part?….. The whole thing!”

5) Do you think you learned anything?

M. Ross: “Yea I think I learned how to associate what I wanna do with my writing. A lot of people was tellin me that the best way is to, you know, I can combine both of what I want to do—psychology and writing an both—which makes for a better story overall.”

B. Hernandez: “I leaned about online newspapers and I learned about different students problems while they produce their newspapers at school.”

A. Miller: “Yes. I learned that if you really want to get a story out, you gotta be committed and you gotta work hard. And even if it gets poor reviews, you still gotta get back up from it and try it again.




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